Subject Firebird, DBA, and UPS Worldship connection issues
Author Michael Young
Hello All,
We are a small manufacturing company and use a ERP system called DBA that is supported by a Firebird database.

I wanted to use the bar code feature in DBA and add that to our packing slips, with the goal of scanning the sales order information directly from DBA to UPS worldship.
There is no writing back to the Firebird database, this is only to extract data.

I can successfully scan one bar code, but not any other ones. It seems to lose the connection to the database but I cant figure out why?
I contacted UPS and we retested the UPS setting and its working.
I also contacted DBA ERP support but this is a bit out of there scope.

Does anyone have any previous experience in dealing with this issue or a similar one?

Any help would be appreciated.


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