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Error message tell you that you must install client library gds32.dll.
Run Firebird installer on your laptop and in installation process check something like copy client library gds32.dll to system folder.

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Hi Dear Firebird Support

We have an ERP that use a Firebird Database, i need connect to this
database via ODBC from my laptop, the database are located in the ERP
Server, i configure the same ODBC in the server and Works fine, but not
work fine from my laptop.

The data connection are:

· *Database server IP*:

· *Folder Path in server:* D:\PROAsistemas\Helisa NIIF\

· *Database File: *HELI00BD.HGW

· *Database path in ODBC Configuration:*\PROAsistemas\Helisa

· The user and password provided are correct was tested in the ODBC
local in sever and works fine

· The folder access in server from my laptop are granted

· *The standard TCP/IP port is open (3050)*

· *The firebird service* in server is running

· *The firebird version* is Firebird 2.5

· *The firebird/InterBase driver (r) version* is

· *The error message in main ODBC Window is: *Unable to open

[image: Descripción: cid:image007.png@01CFD332.5E348700]

· *The error message in Fire ODBC Servcie - Users Window is: *Unable
to connect data source: library ‘gds32.dll’ failed to load

[image: Descripción: cid:image008.png@01CFD332.5E348700]

[image: Descripción: cid:image005.png@01CFD32F.42080820]

[image: Descripción: Descripción: Inline images 1]

I don’t know the reason of error message, please can you helpme. Thanks



*Marcos Andrés Herrera Niño*


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Bogotá D.C. 110221


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