Subject read-only select generates 'lock conflict on no wait transaction'?


I've got a FB 2.5 app that uses IBO components and Delphi

The instance has perhaps 40 concurrent users.

Someone would potentially have a record in 'edit' mode.

Another user does a read-only (tIBOQuery.RequestLive := False) select from the same table.

Not always, but once in a while, the user doing the readonly select see's the 'lock conflict on no wait transaction' error when i try to set .active := true on the query.

both the edit query of the other user and the read-only select query of this user are using the same IBOTransaction (it's .ReadOnly = false)

How can i get it so the read-only select doesn't result in that error?

Is there some property I need to change of the query or transaction?

so i have another transaction for the read-only query that has it's TIBOTransaction.readOnly = True?

please help