Subject Issue with performance of 2.5.2 on server 2012
Author Louis van Alphen

I have a production system that is performing badly on server 2012. I used the regression test app that basically executes all the functions in sequence to run on my dev PC and timed how long it took. Then ran it on server 2012 and measured the duration.


Initially my PC performed better by 4 times than the server, but after much tweaking the host server is performing much better.

The total time taken by my PC is 450 sec to complete. The server is currently on 650 sec.


My PC runs FB2.5.2 superclassic

Spec is i7 3GHz 16GB with SATA6 drive


The host server is dual Xeon with 128GB RAM and 8x250GB SSD volume spanned into one drive by SMC2108 RAID controller in RAID 10 config. Currently no battery backup (BBU) on RAID controller

The idea is to run on virtual server but we are having performance issues so we testing on host first.


The tweaks we did was to:

-          optimise the firebird.config.

-          Enable write cacheing on the RAID controller (even though we should not due to no BBU)

-          Disabled firewall


The server’s hardware performance is very fast. >800MB/sec on Crystal Disk Mark. But with FB, the server is much slower than I expected. Anyone having same issues on W2012/ FB2.52?