Subject Strange date values
Author Lester Caine
I thought I'd save some time by spending some money on XMLWizard to do
some CSV imports of data sets ... rather than pulling together my own
PHP scripts. It seems to work well enough on Windows, but I could not
get the Linux version working.

But the problem I've found is that while the date import is set to Y-m-d
and the raw data is in exactly the same format, evey date value is
displaying with the month replaced by a capital N - I did not even think
that Firebird could do that? Running into 2.5.2 on one of the Linux
boxes. Have reported it to GuacoSoft but I wonder if the problem is with
Flamerobin displaying it?

OK - thinking out loud works ... the date format on this machine was set
to Y-N-D rather than Y-M-D ... fixed that now :)

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