Subject Is it possible to store firebird DB file on a NAS?

Hi all,

I have a firebird server (FB 2.1, Superserver) on windows OS with database file store on an external harddisk. There are about 5 users accessing this database.

I never try or have NAS, is it possible just to move firebird db file from external hardisk to NAS?

If this is possible, can also anyone tell me roughly about read/write speed which one is better, NAS or external harddisk? 

Currently, I am using 5400rpm harddisk, attached via USB 2.0.

I am planning to use WD My Cloud( cloud for personal/home), some review said that this NAS has about 50Mbps read/write speed on gigabits LAN, but i will only use it on 100 Mbps LAN.

Thanks in advance,