Subject RE: [firebird-support] A lot of fb_inset_server.exe processes are hanging.
Author Leyne, Sean
> ... However, as I said, our applications are unstable so from time
> to time we need to kill them. The problem is that when we kill them,
> fb_inet_server.exe processes are not killed automatically. I mean,
> sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.

We have the Firebird Classic deployed at 100+ sites and we hardly ever have problem of "stranded" FB process.

Most die immediately when the application terminates, if there is no active statement being executed, others die when the active process checks if the client is still present.

> customer's server. If I kill in the task manager my application, all
> fb_inet_server execs dissapear almost instantly but on customer's machine
> very often they will stay forever.

What OS is the client/customer system?