Subject A lot of fb_inset_server.exe processes are hanging.
Hi guys,

We have few applications that are..lets say far from beeing stable;) Those applications spawn multiple threads and each of them have its own connection to database. So... there is a lot of fb_inet_server.exe processes and that is fine. However, as I said, our applications are unstable so from time to time we need to kill them. The problem is that when we kill them, fb_inet_server.exe processes are not killed automatically. I mean, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.

I would like to know have you observed simmilar behaviour? I am not able to reporduce it on my own machine but it happens very often on the customer's server. If I kill in the task manager my application, all fb_inet_server execs dissapear almost instantly but on customer's machine very often they will stay forever.

How the main fb_inet_server process know when to kill the lesser ones;) ?