Subject transaction parameter setup exception
hello one and all,

i am using delphi XE2, and under that i am getting an exception raised related to setting up a transaction parameter list.  the exception raised is:

invalid parameter in transaction parameter block
Option isc_tpb_rec_version requires READ COMMITTED isolation in TPB.

the exception is raised under a TMDOTransaction with the fbclient call out:

if Call(isc_start_multiple(StatusVector, @FHandle, DatabaseCount, PISC_TEB(pteb)), False) > 0 then

where the isc_start_multiple call is throwing the exception from within the delphi app.

here is my parameter block under the TMDOTransaction:


which has the 'isc_tpb_' placed before each item in the stringlist when it sets up the TPB.  and you can see that the read_committed is in the list regardless of what the exception is saying.

the thing that i don't get is that works fine under firebird 1.5 but now it is throwing the exception in 2.5.  i am pretty sure it is firebird throwing the exception and not delphi since it is throwing it from isc_start_multiple call and that is the reason for me posting under here instead of under a forum for TMDOTransaction.

even though is throws the exception and complains, it still updates or inserts into the table just fine.  so i can teach delphi to ignore the exception, but i would rather have more insight into the nature of the exception before "WHATEVER"ing it (teenagers right?).

anyway, i hope that makes sense for i feel like i am groping in the dark a bit and am not entirely sure i should post it here, but again, my settings for the parameter block works without conflict or exception in fb 1.5 but now it is being raised in fb 2.5.

thanx in advance and have a great weekend.  lucas