Subject How to truncate text to fit in a db field the easiest way in Firebird?


I convert html entities to text i can use on the web pages.

I use this for being able to retrieve it back as normal characters.

I use this on all my inserts.

And, then i want to put it in the category field in the table.

Let's say the category field is 20 characters in length.

If user is writing a lot of " the text will expand, even if it is set to stop at 20 characters. Because it adds extra characters to the converted variable.

and if i strip the characters to fit the db field, it can be that i loose one ' character, and then it is fucked up because it needs to of the ' for each ".

How can i best do this? How can i make the text fit in the db field the easiest way without getting the truncated string error?

Is there another easier way?

Best Regards

Viggo Jamne