Subject Unable to see all attachments to a Firebird 2.5.2 database.


We are in the processes of migrating to a new server for our database.

Currently we are using Firebird 2.1 Classic with Ubuntu 8.04 and are upgrading to Firebird 2.5.2 SuperClassic with Ubuntu 14.04.

In our current database, when viewing the attachment monitoring table using SYSDBA, we can see every connection to the database.

However, on the new database, we can only see connections that have the exact same case in the MON$ATTACHMENT_NAME field.

So firebird 2.5 is different from 2.1 in that the attachments are case-sensitive on the name.

Is this a regression/bug?

Having it case-sensitive means we have to make sure that any connection/application connecting to our database to have exactly the same case for the database name so we can see them all, if any are missed and do not have the same case, we won't know they are connected!

Also, while I'm here... is there any way to see which attachment is associated with the thread created for it on the server?  Since they all have the same PID, we can see which threads are hitting the server, but it is hard to tell which attachment that thread is for.