Subject Building from source on both SCO and Solaris
Author Mitchell Nelson

I got handed a project to get a v5.5 IB database updated and migrated to Solaris (x86 for dev, T5 LDOM for prod).
At this time the plan is to keep it on IB/Firebird but use more modern (supported) platform. 
First step of the project is to build a "new" working environment to do the migration development.

I have my SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 environment all built and it can compile C/C++ apps with my internal test suite (gcc and gmake and basic libraries).

But, I am getting an error during the IB build. I thought I would start out with 1.0.3 since its as close to the v5.5 that we already have on our 5.0.6 system. Then move right into latest release once the UAT is completed.

Here is the output of my … Looks like an issue with the ln options and shell script expressions.

- Setting build version strings in file jrd/build_no.h
- building boot std databases
- Setting build version strings in file jrd/build_no.h
- Copying boot files into build tree
- Setting up the superserver directory structure

ln: Insufficient arguments
Usage: ln [-fs] source_file target_file
       ln [-fs] source_file... target_dir
./ oa]: not found


Any help would be appreciated.