Subject connection problems

Hi there,

first I'd like to say that I am new to this group and could not find a conversation that fitted my situation and I decided to start a new one. So please forgive me, when this topic has already been discussed over again.


I have been using firebird for several years and have recently switched to a new computer with Win 7 64Bit, and got restricted user rights (;-() from my admins. I have always had a local server running on my machine for test dbs apart from the production db running on a proper server. I never experienced problems.

I am using FB 2.1.5 Classic Server and we are develpoing our own application with Delphi 7 32Bit  and firebird.


Since that move I am not able to connect to my local test db with our app any more. I can connect with IBExpert (that we use as well), though, after starting the local service with admin rights. I have replaced all 64Bit fbclient.dlls with 32Bit Versions, because I thought, this could be the problem.


Also it is not possible when using the admin profile (with all rights) to connect to this local db.


Does anybody have a clue what might be the problem.


Kind regards