Subject Strange behaviour "error writing data to connection" - but after some time connection is back.
Hi guys,

I have problems which I can not explain, nor do I know how to solve it.
We have FB 2.5.2 classic on linux. We have like 60 Databases there.
From time to time, we can not connect to few of the databases. Simply, when we try to connect, a connection process is hanging (regardles of application which is trying to connect).
There is no timeout or any other message.

However, when for example Flamerobin is hanging and I try to turn it off there is a windows dialog which asks me whether to "try to restore the program". When I chose this, then dialog box appears saying "Error writing data to connection".

I've read in the FAQ that this means that server crashed.

However, after few hours we can connect back to the database and this is what I do not understand. i've not restarted the server. Why suddenly I can connect back to database?

firebird.log, does not say me much. I see from time to time this messages, but I do not know if they are correlated to the problem:

Shutting down the server with 1 active connection(s) to 1 database(s), 0 active service(s)

Error during sweep:
operation was cancelled

What can cause of this? We have a lot of free ram and disk space and CPU power...

Thanks for any advice...