Subject Compound indices created under Firebird 2.5.1
we have a mass-market server application which currently uses Firebird Embedded 2.5.1. Now we'd like to upgrade to the current version Firebird 2.5.2 Update 1. The release notes say that a backup/restore is strongly adviced. For our application, it is however unpractical to ask every customer to do that immediately after upgrading, as many large database files might be involved. The same applies to rebuilding indexes, which can also take a very very long time.
From what I see in the corresponding bug tracker cases and version control commits, only compound indices containing NULL values seem to be affected. We only have one single compound index, and this doesn't contain NULL values at all.
Also, a comment in Firebird commit 57074 sais the following:
Restored the ODS level compatibility with v2.5.1 index keys, while using the "old good" index key format in new indices. It allows to claim that CORE-3675 and CORE-3853 are fixed (after migration via backup/restore) but still operate almost correctly with keys created in v2.5.1. This is *much* better than silently returning wrong data if a v2.5.1 database is used with v2.5.2 without backup/restore.
Which I understand causes that 2.5.1 indexes work the same way in 2.5.2 as they worked in 2.5.1.
So, am I correct that in effect nothing really has to be done by our customers when upgrading to 2.5.2?
Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.
Stefan Schultze