Subject Please help me out in tuning out our Firebird server.
Hello guys,

I am asking you kindly for helping me in tuning our Firebird 2.5 which is installed on Linux. Our admin says that Firebird is eating to much CPU.
Here are the details regarding our server which is dedicated for Firebird:

24 GB RAM, 20 GB free (according to "free" command under Linux)
760 fb_inet_server processes running simultaneously, taking up 820 MB RAM in total, avarage RAM per process 12 MB, max: 24 MB
66 databases, 120 GB in total. Avarage 6 GB, max: 12 GB, page size: 4096 and 75 pages for database.

Firebird config has been untouched.

I would like to change some values in configuration file for such scenerio:

100 databases, 2048 fb_inet_server processes

Could you recommend me what to change? Probably DefaultDbCachePages but I do not understand how it works in conjunction with FileSystemCacheThreshold.
I do not understand the description of FileSystemCacheThreshold. What is 65536? is it the number of pages to cache? Does it mean that currently on our linux system
DefaultDbCachePages = 75 is ignored?

What else parameters should I change? TempCacheLimit perhaps?

Thanks in advance,