Subject Large delays ( > 10 seconds ) for queries on small databases
Author Georg Weickelt

we use a CAD system (CARD / 1), which saves a few settings in a Firebird
There is a central database and many project-specific databases. The
software runs on Windows 7 Professional .
Firebird is running on a server with openSUSE 13.1. The manufacturer has
released only version 2.50 of Firebird .
The server has a RAID 5 from three disks, 16GB RAM and an Intel Xeon
E5- 2407 CPU 0@2.20GHz , 4 cores .
The *.fdb data resides on a partition that is partitioned with ext4
under LVM. They are 1-10 MB in size - so rather small.
We observe significant delays in project operations that use these
databases. For example, taking a view of a
project list sometimes 10 s or more . We are only three users of this
software , so that the load of the server is very small.
What can be done to achieve a fast response ?