Subject [Ticket #403] [firebird-support] Deploy firebird with another password for sysdba user
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On Mar 07, 2014 @ 03:32 pm, helebor@... wrote:
At 08:37 PM 14/11/2011, Mr. John wrote:
>Hi ! We need to deploy firebird server with another password for sysdba user.
>One solution is replacing security2.fdb during install of our application+server.
>Is it good solution ?

It's not a solution.

Change the SYSDBA password on the installation of the server at the site where you deploy it. Or, if you have regular users in *your* copy of security2.fdb that have permissions in the database (as you SHOULD have) then back up yours and restore it as sometempname.fdb on the new site.

Then, shut down Firebird, delete the installation copy of security2.fdb, rename the sometempname.fdb version to security2.fdb and then change the SYSDBA password *before* doing anything else.


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