Subject RE: [firebird-support] isql connect database using TCP/IP protocol, After run a long time SQL Statement can't go back to SQL command prompt
Author Leyne, Sean
> I have a database 40GB, a table Name is T1 with 70 columns and 1 000 000
> records, I run isql command:
> connect database 'localhost:/db/db.fdb' user 'sysdba' password 'masterkey';
> update set T1 set Column1=0; the 2nd Statement run with IBExpert is ok,
> waste time 2 minute. In this case, after 2 minute(and more time), isql can't
> get back to SQL> prompt.
> I change 1st Statement to "connect database '/db/db.fdb' user 'sysdba'
> password 'masterkey';" everything is ok.
> I test the db without automatic garbage collection, this problem same:
> gfix -sweep /db/db.fdb
> gfix -h 0 /db/db.fdb
> isql
> SQL>connect database 'localhost:/db/db.fdb' user 'sysdba' password
> SQL>'masterkey'; update set T1 set Column1=0;
> then can't back to "SQL>"

The connection method should not make any difference, so something else is going on.

What is the longest period of time you have waited for the statement to execute?

What OS are you running on? How much RAM?

What FB version are you running? What engine are you running (SuperServer, Classic or SuperClassic)?

What does the database header stats say (gstat -h ???) ?