Subject Re: Odp: [firebird-support] Readcomitted ReadOnly Transaction - Commit or Rollback?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
IMHO, RC+RO should be used mostly for long running transactions, since
its major benefit is to not block garbage collection. I usually use
them for "lookup" data.

I agree with Dmitry that constantly commiting such transactions is
kind of nonsense or misuse of its purpose, unless there is some
specific situation that could justify such behavior (and I'm not
seeing it).

Firebird Performance in Detail - -

DY> 01.03.2014 00:14, liviuslivius@... wrote:
>> >> IIRC, TIP is written only when RC RO txn starts, at this point it
>> records its state as committed. Dmitry Nice, but it is written to disk
>> and maybe it shouldn't?

DY> Maybe. Although I'm not 100% sure this is doable.

DY> And anyway, I feel a big problem for applications committing RC RO txns
DY> so much often that it could possibly affect the performance. This sounds
DY> like a feature misuse.

DY> Dmitry