Subject Re: [firebird-support] Readcomitted ReadOnly Transaction - Commit or Rollback?
> I'm confused. I thought that read-only read-committed transactions did not consume transaction ids.
> By  nature they don't need the protection of the transactional system. They don't make changes so
> there's no need to roll back. Nor is there any need to prevent others from reading their uncommitted
> changes. They don't offer consistent reads, so they don't need to prevent garbage collection. Why
> do they need unique transaction identifiers?

  It is how RO RC transactions was implemented at IB6 :) We discussed this long time ago and decided
to leave it as is (i.e. to left RO RC transactions to have own numbers) by the following reasons:
a) monitoring: transactions naturally identified by transaction_id
b) temporary tables: GTT's are writable in RO RC transactions