Subject Occasional server hangs/major slowdowns
Author Harriv

Every now and then (about week or two) one of my systems hangs, and it seems to be related to Firebird server.

I'm running Firebird 2.5.2 on 32-bit Windows 7 as SuperServer.

It looks like Firebird server process stops responding. Usually I've restarted the server process, but today I just killed most of the applications and waited some time and it came back to life.

I'm kind of lost how to start debugging this. What would be the first steps?

Is there any benefit switching to classic server? Does it require changes in clients?

Server log contained today only: "INET/inet_error: read errno: 10054" messages, earlier there has been also "XNET: can't start worker thread. connection terminated" and "Operating system call _beginthreadex failed. Error code 8".