Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT: Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2013 at LinuxQuestions
Author Carlos H. Cantu

IMHO, the major reason for the "decreasing passion" is the (too) long
periods of apparent "no activity" that we have between each FB
official release. People just get "bored". A new release coming out
creates a general "hype" making people excited, feeling that the
product is alive and moving forward, and making them curious about the
news. With a new release, people have new features to use and to talk
about, and the "heat" brings together passion and more action in the
forums, lists, sites (new articles being written/posted), tools, etc.

For the view of most users, who don't follow fb-devel, or do not
care about checking the SVN commits, etc, the Project is frozen since
the release of FB 2.5 (+3 years ago, yes - I'm not counting bugfixes

In a epoch where you get browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) getting major
releases several times a year, Delphi getting at last one major
release by year and so on, having to wait 4 years for a new major
release probably deviates people attention (and passion) to other things.

PS: I know our core-developers never stopped working, and that the
internal FB 3 changes are heavy and complex, but "standard" users
are not aware of this.

Btw, probably this went off-topic, so feel free to move the talk to
another list or to a private chat.

Firebird Performance in Detail - -

PV> Hello Carlos,

>> This LinuxQuestions poll is even "worse" in such aspect, since not everyone uses FB on Linux, and even when they use, most people don't wanna waste 5 minutes registering to a site they will not use, just to be able to vote por FB. I would say that in the past, Firebird users were more passionate about the product. Unfortunately, this seems to not be true anymore (and I could list some possible reasons for that).

PV> What are they, in your opinion? Maybe we should discuss this in
PV> Firebird-general. I, too, have the impression that we used to have
PV> more momentum in the past, but maybe that's just me: back then I
PV> had much more time, so I contributed more to Firebird, followed all the newsgroups, etc.

PV> Cheers,
PV> Paul Vinkenoog