Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT: Vote for Firebird as Database of the Year 2013 at LinuxQuestions
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Carlos,

> This LinuxQuestions poll is even "worse" in such aspect, since not everyone uses FB on Linux, and even when they use, most people don't wanna waste 5 minutes registering to a site they will not use, just to be able to vote por FB. I would say that in the past, Firebird users were more passionate about the product. Unfortunately, this seems to not be true anymore (and I could list some possible reasons for that).

What are they, in your opinion? Maybe we should discuss this in Firebird-general. I, too, have the impression that we used to have more momentum in the past, but maybe that's just me: back then I had much more time, so I contributed more to Firebird, followed all the newsgroups, etc.

Paul Vinkenoog