Subject Re: FB 2.5.3 32bit and Db size limits test

what is " limit of 2.083.888 kb" ?
Is it size of database file on disk ?
Is it memory usage by Firebird process (what exact memory counter) ?
Something else ?
How do you insert blobs into database ?


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Hi all

i am new user of FB and i am making a  tests to check  a one db size limits to see if i can choose FB to support a new application.

i will need to acquire in the DB only blob types to save images, jpg, pdf, tiff , etc of different dimension

so i made a small application test on a W7/64 bit and FB 32bit  and after reaching almost 13.000 images and reached a limit of 2.083.888 kb i've go an out of memory message inserting one more Blob record

i were reading on the official website that "on some Platform" the size limit is some terabytes a part some limit imposed by filesystem

do i should use FB 64 bit version for handle it or i am doing something wrong in the configuration?

thank you for any suggestions