Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database seems to influence multi user ability
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 8-12-2014 14:28, Benny Schaich-Lebek bschaich@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> I have been an interbase guy about fifteen years ago and loved to see it
> go open source. I used to work with Paul Beach (Hello, if you're here,Paul)
> Now I ran across a problem with firebird and tried to solve it.
> unfortunately half of the stuff is in the dark because the original
> software running here is an accounting product (BUHL/Deltra office
> Software/Germany if you have heard about it).
> The weird thing is that the software does not connect to the server from
> a client if there is a specific .fdb file loaded (local access works). I
> now asked them to run a backup and that had a couple of messages:
> (gbak:cannot commit index MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID
> gbak: ERROR:violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID"
> gbak: ERROR: Foreign key reference target does not exist
> gbak: ERROR: Problematic key value is ("ORDERID" = 4127)
> gbak:Database is not online due to failure to activate one or more indices.
> gbak:Run gfix -online to bring database online without active indices.)
> Specifically the last one makes me suspicious. How come that local
> access works then? I thought even local access always goes through the
> server?

The error is with restoring the backup. It indicates there is a record
which has a foreign key that is pointing to a non-existent entry. This
usually indicates that the original database has a corrupt index, and
therefor didn't detect this entry when deleting the target record.

The fact the backup doesn't restore doesn't mean that the original
database isn't workign. You either need to remove the duplicate entry
from the original database and backup and restore to fix it, or restore
with inactive indexes and rebuild them later.

Mark Rotteveel