Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird database seems to influence multi user ability
Author marcus
On 08.12.2014 14:28, Benny Schaich-Lebek bschaich@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been an interbase guy about fifteen years ago and loved to see it
> go open source. I used to work with Paul Beach (Hello, if you're here,Paul)
> Now I ran across a problem with firebird and tried to solve it.
> unfortunately half of the stuff is in the dark because the original
> software running here is an accounting product (BUHL/Deltra office
> Software/Germany if you have heard about it).
> The weird thing is that the software does not connect to the server from
> a client if there is a specific .fdb file loaded (local access works). I
> now asked them to run a backup and that had a couple of messages:
> (gbak:cannot commit index MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID
> gbak: ERROR:violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID"
> gbak: ERROR: Foreign key reference target does not exist
> gbak: ERROR: Problematic key value is ("ORDERID" = 4127)
> gbak:Database is not online due to failure to activate one or more indices.
> gbak:Run gfix -online to bring database online without active indices.)
> Specifically the last one makes me suspicious. How come that local
> access works then? I thought even local access always goes through the
> server?
some questions:
- by local connections you're talking about <drive letter:>\path\to\fdb?
Or, which would be a network connection, regardless of
which host the connection comes from.

- which version of Firebird?

- which user? SYSDBA is allowed to connect an 'offline' database. He has
to, else a database would only become a big jumbled piece of
bits'n'bytes if one pulls the trigger gfix -shut ...

Do you have the output of gstat -h <database.fdb>? What does the row
Attributes say?

> Any hints anybody? I know this is hard to determine as we do not know
> much about the program itself, but it seems the guys from the software
> shop have trouble to understand firebird...
> Regards,
> Benny Schaich
> Ex-Borland...

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