Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stability on newer windows ...
Author marcus
On 24.11.2014 12:09, Lester Caine lester@... [firebird-support]
> On 19/11/14 18:18, Fabiano Kureck - Desenvolvimento SCI
> fabiano@... [firebird-support] wrote:
>> Try using the 32 bit version of Firebird, maybe this can help you.
> Run 32bit Firebird 2.1.6 with 32bit apache and php but it is unfortunate
> a 64bit version of Windows7 which is all that was available at the time :(
> SINCE last week, there have been a number of windows updates culminating
> in a 151Mb download from the 11th Nov which is titled 'System Update
> Readiness Tool' and is described as being designed to fix problems with
> the update process which has resulted in problem with updates getting
> stuck! Exactly the problem we have been having and date wise this fits
> as well. Took 25 minutes to run it and now the 'update' status is
> actually showing 'up to date' which it last did a month ago.
> I did a full backup and restore to the databases but JUSThad
> WDZP (Server) Mon Nov 24 10:26:52 2014
> Database: HISTORY
> internal gds software consistency check (cannot find tip page (165),
> file: tra.cpp line: 2494)
Such errors will more like point to
- problems with the harddisk
- problems with cache logic
- problems with the hdd/raid controller
than Windows Updates.
Or were there active connections while installing updates and rebooting
the computer?

> This is the first message since it reset on Saturday!
> I am now looking to put new hardware in, but WHAT should I put on it
> software wise to be sure of stability. If we did not need the
> announcements it would be Linux, but on this site I am stuck with
> windows of some sort :(
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