Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stability on newer windows ...
Author Lester Caine
On 19/11/14 18:18, Fabiano Kureck - Desenvolvimento SCI
fabiano@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Try using the 32 bit version of Firebird, maybe this can help you.

Run 32bit Firebird 2.1.6 with 32bit apache and php but it is unfortunate
a 64bit version of Windows7 which is all that was available at the time :(

SINCE last week, there have been a number of windows updates culminating
in a 151Mb download from the 11th Nov which is titled 'System Update
Readiness Tool' and is described as being designed to fix problems with
the update process which has resulted in problem with updates getting
stuck! Exactly the problem we have been having and date wise this fits
as well. Took 25 minutes to run it and now the 'update' status is
actually showing 'up to date' which it last did a month ago.

I did a full backup and restore to the databases but JUSThad

WDZP (Server) Mon Nov 24 10:26:52 2014
Database: HISTORY
internal gds software consistency check (cannot find tip page (165),
file: tra.cpp line: 2494)

This is the first message since it reset on Saturday!

I am now looking to put new hardware in, but WHAT should I put on it
software wise to be sure of stability. If we did not need the
announcements it would be Linux, but on this site I am stuck with
windows of some sort :(

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