Subject FB 2.5 and lock
Author John vd Waeter
Hi All,

I have a debian64 running FB 2.5. It serves 19 databases. Several
clients connect to this server, amongst them Lazarus services, PHP and
remote Delphi connections.

About once a week, the system locks up. Not just connections to one
database, *all* connections to any database freeze. New connections are

I have to kill fb_smp_server.
It's immediately restarted by fbguard, and then everything works well again.

Server cpu usage is only about 2% during the lockup, there are no traces
in the logs of anything unusual.

I know I have to review the transaction handling in my code, but still
I have one question:

If a lock occurs in a database, is it normal behaviour that *all*
connections from *all* clients to *all* databases lock up? I thought
that only the database where the lock occurs would be affected, or even
only connections to the same table, or even transactions that touch the
same records in a table. But this doesn't seem to be the case,
everything freezes.

Any thoughts?