Subject FB data type "size and performance" doubt , LIKE, fulltext
Author Alessandro Fedele
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Hi All


I am new to FB and i am at design time evaluting some data types to choose for my DB

I have some doubt on what to choose between “bigger” Varchar around 75char max and a Blob file type.


My main doubt is wich one to prefer from 2 point of view :


First , supposing   I would have to store a word “HELLO WORLD” in a  field  called DF_HW,  which one will use much more DB space to be stored?


Which one will be more performant if I would use a LIKE command to browse in “all” a DB table looking for all record where DF_HW contain &ELLO W&

I know that new versions of FB can use FULLTEXT indexing but I don’t know if it would  be necessary compared using LIKE

Specially in the case I will have many datafield that will contain “free text” (no any coded table) where I will need to make a “search”


Thank you