Subject VarChars sometimes begin with single or double quote

w/Win7 x64, FB

I've not been able to find any topic that comes close to addressing my question, and it seems so basic, I'm guessing that I'm missing something fundamental.

I have queries that specify for ranges in varchar fields and return those and populate my VirtualStrings in a standard alphabetical grouping.

The database I work with has some strings /
varchar fields _begin_ with a _single_ or a _double_ quote, for emphasis or for identifying a literary work, etc., for output in components where there is not an italic feature.

Using the standard "<=" or ">=" works fine for varchar fields that begin with numbers and letters, but skips over those which begin with ''' <single-quote> or '"' <double-quote>.

Is there some schema which I could have followed to find my way to the answer to this conundrum of mine?

Ideally, I would prefer to have the varchar fields which begin with a single-quote or a double-quote collated in the proper order according to the first letter, regardless of upper or lowercase, or presence or lack of single- or double-quote.

Barry McKenna