Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird performance question
Author Marius Labuschagne



We have been using Firebird Super Server version 1.5.6 on both Windows 7 (64 Bit) and Server 2008 (64 Bit).  Both systems are the same except for the OS and they have 2 CPUs and about 4 gig of RAM.  We have noticed that any applications, with large multiple writes, is much faster on Windows 7 than on Server 2008.  I know there is newer version and we are planning to upgrade the Firebird, but is there something missing on 2008 that would improve the performance.  Also, when we upgrade to version 2.5, would we see similar performance between Windows 7 and Server 2008?





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[Marius Labuschagne]

Hi Bill, I don’t have the answer, but will also keep an eye on this question.

What I can tell you as that I am running my Client sites on 2.5.3 Superserver, some Clients with 2008 Server, and some using Desktop machines with Windows 7 on it as Server machines.

And without fail the Windows 7 machines outperforms the 2008 Server machines by magnitudes. There are a lot of discussions you can find about this, but I was not able yet to find a solid solution to this problem.