Subject [firebird-support] IBLite iOS and Android
Author Paul Beach
<<We hear a lot of complaints about EMB and the Delphi product and it all boils down to the notion of not enough resources being
applied to development and bug fixes.

But they have managed to supply, now, IBLite for both iOS and Android with what looks like a full feature set.

How have they done that with what appears to be very limited resources and commitment? And what magic might they have pulled off to
move the server into this arena? Is this not as difficult as we currently think? For Firebird?>>

As Alexey says - define limited resources, in comparison to the Firebird project, Embarcadero are massive.
BTW I have a port of Firebird to IOS, just finding it difficult to test at the moment, as the Mac I use to do the cross
port has died (logic board fault).