Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBLite iOS and Android
Author Alan McDonald

I suppose my point is that I cannot see the priority well placed to do an iblite version on these platforms when sqllite for these platforms are fine while their main product line suffers such criticism.

On 16/09/2013 7:43 PM, "Alexey Kovyazin" <ak@...> wrote:

Hi Alan,

EMB earns about 100mlns of usd per year and has ~500 headcount (may be more, but it was at the times when they published such stats in their presentations after acquiring CodeGear).
Firebird Project has funds about 110k of usd per year (24k of them are being paid by IBSurgeon) and has 4 core developers plus several part timers for testing, drivers, etc.

So, "very limited resources" of 100mln USD pie and very limited resources of 110k are ~1000 times different. Embarcadero can hire good C++ developer for Android and perform migration of InterBase codebase, Firebird Project cannot afford it - all 4 core developers are working at Firebird 3.0 and bug fixing of previous versions.

Alexey Kovyazin


We hear a lot of complaints about EMB and the Delphi product and it all boils down to the notion of not enough resources being applied to development and bug fixes.

But they have managed to supply, now, IBLite for both iOS and Android with what looks like a full feature set.

How have they done that with what appears to be very limited resources and commitment? And what magic might they have pulled off to move the server into this arena? Is this not as difficult as we currently think? For Firebird?



Alan McDonald