Subject Advice on the following problem
Author Andrew Gable
HI all,

I have a problem that I cannot figure out.

I have 3 Windows 2000 machines and 1 Windows XP Pro machine
The XP Pro machine is in the back office and its job is to hold the

My Windows 2000 machines are front of house BUT they cannot access the XP

my Connection string is "backofficepc:c:/System Database/SysDatabase.FBD"

And I keep getting the following error message

open database "backofficepc:c:/System Database/SysDatabase.FBD" failed

so does anyone have any advice as to how I can get the windows 2000 machines
to see and Access the XP Databases

I have the following set-up
> Same User name & Passwords on all machines (posuser)
> ALL the windows 2000 machines can read and write etc to the database on
the "master" terminal (This has been set to replace the back office PC for
now so the client can at least use his system)

I look forward to the advice from all you experts

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