Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird performance on xeon cpu
Author 安占江
于 2013年08月27日 23:53, Leyne, Sean 写道:
> > I have resolved this question.
> > on disk driver property labels, I checked the close window cache on
> disk,
> > which is unchecked by default.
> > but I don't known the reason.
> Actually, changing that setting is VERY DANGEROUS, it could lead to
> database corruption!
> The setting tells the OS to assume that the device has a protected
> cache (write-back), that will ensure that all writes will be persisted
> to storage, even when the power is lost.
> This setting should only applies (be used) with disk controllers with
> battery protection or SSDs with power failure protection.
> In your case, a single HDD will have limited performance, period. 83
> IO/sec is not exactly great performance.
> Further, are you aware of the Windows page cache issues on x64
> systems? It can make the system grind. FB v2.5.2 has a fix to help
> address the issue, what version are you running?
> Sean
first, I am sorry for my poor english.

I known what mean of this option.
I imagine the main reason is that intel raid chipset has some issues
with this option on win7 os.
I try two way to validate my guess.
1, use a memory dist to create fdb.
2, change storage protocal from sata/raid to ide /sata on bios setting.
the two ways are natural.

the fb v2.1 && v2.5.2 have been tested.

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