Subject RE: [firebird-support] firebird performance on xeon cpu
Author Leyne, Sean
> I have resolved this question.
> on disk driver property labels, I checked the close window cache on disk,
> which is unchecked by default.
> but I don't known the reason.

Actually, changing that setting is VERY DANGEROUS, it could lead to database corruption!

The setting tells the OS to assume that the device has a protected cache (write-back), that will ensure that all writes will be persisted to storage, even when the power is lost.

This setting should only applies (be used) with disk controllers with battery protection or SSDs with power failure protection.

In your case, a single HDD will have limited performance, period. 83 IO/sec is not exactly great performance.

Further, are you aware of the Windows page cache issues on x64 systems? It can make the system grind. FB v2.5.2 has a fix to help address the issue, what version are you running?