Subject Rdb$admin role in services API
Author remk_1

The new rdb$admin role in FB 2.5 allows (when granted) a regular user to backup database by gbak (using the "-role rdb$admin" command-line parameter). From gbak, it is also possible to do the same through services API (by adding "-service" command-line parameter).

But I can't find a way how to make backup of the same database through services API from another application. In fbsvcmgr I didn't even find a switch that would allow to specify a role. And when I made my own application that would specify "isc_spb_sql_role_name" service parameter, it seems that the server just ignores this setting, the role is not assigned. Is there a way to do it ?

The reason I look for this solution is that I would like to use the new fast "over the wire" remote backup feature of FB 2.5, which gbak doesn't know.