Subject Re: [firebird-support] Detecting / Removal of Firebird
Author marcus
craigmassey@... wrote:
> Can anyone help with how to detect if Firebird is installed on a server?
> A recent health check here has detected that an older version of one of
> our applications used to use Firebird and there are fragments that need
> removing. However, all attempts to find any trace of Firebird on the
> server are not detecting it.
> How can I detect / remove anything that is left over?
> Kind Regards,
> Craig S Massey (Corporate Systems Programme Manager)
> Barnsley Council, South Yorkshire.

Hej, it depends on how and with what options firebird was installed. For
example it may have been an embedded installation, where you have no
real server instance one could locate in the registry.

Another option for installation is a custom directory or a silent
installation from a zip archive.

I suggest to search the file system for gds32.dll and fbclient.dll, that
are the most common files you should find. Also a run for security*.*db
may be of help.

And inspect the registry, search for
- firebird
- interbase

hth, M. Bajohr