Subject Re: [firebird-support] Detecting / Removal of Firebird
Author Lester Caine
craigmassey@... wrote:
> Can anyone help with how to detect if Firebird is installed on a server? A recent health check here has detected that an older version of one of our applications used to use Firebird and there are fragments that need removing. However, all attempts to find any trace of Firebird on the server are not detecting it.
> How can I detect / remove anything that is left over?

Craig - been meaning to answer this but been out at a couple of other councils
sorting systems :(

The only real problem is if an old client library is still visible in the
execution path. While new installs of firebird will probably be using
fbclient.dll, older installations will probably have dropped a gds32.dll in the
windows/system32 folder, or somewhere else in the search path. Often simply
asking the installer to create a copy of that will sort the problem anyway, but
it's worth scanning the disk for gds32.* and deleting any related folders.

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