Subject Select ultimate parent?
Author Kjell Rilbe

I have a table that is self-referencing in a 1-M relationship. Think of
it as parent---children. Only a single parent för each child, which
implies this is a species of hermaphrodites. ;-)

I need to select each record along with its ultimate
grandgrandgrand....parent's name.

How would I do this in FB? Version 2.1 but I could upgrade to 2.5 if it
would help (it's in the pipe anyway).

For example:
Name [parent]
Peter [null]
Steven [null]
Bill [Peter]
Eva [Peter]
John [Bill]
Susie [Bill]
Megan [Susie]
Keith [Eva]
Richard [Steven]

All of these are descendants to Peter or Steven. I would like to select
Peter; Peter
Steven; Steven
Bill; Peter
Eva; Peter
John; Peter
Susie; Peter
Megan; Peter
Keith; Peter
Richard; Steven


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