Subject Re: gds32 cohexistance of different firebird installations
Author hvlad
--- In, "lem_ita_78" wrote:
> Is it possible to set something (a registry key, a config file, some other trick) to tell windows where to look for this dll?

Yes, use instreg utility

> Is it possible to move this dll to an other folder removing it from windows\system\ without malfunctions?

Yes, put fbclient.dll\gds32.dll and firebird.msg into any folder you like,
run instreg -i from this folder before starting to use this instance and
run instreg -r from this folder after use of this instance.


PS since you are using BDE and want to move gds32.dll out from system folder you
should ensure that BDE driver is able to load correct version of gds32.dll. The
one of easy ways is to add folder with correct libraty to the PATH environment
variable right before run of your BDE application.