Subject Re: Forced write
Author Aage Johansen
rddymanohar wrote:
> We are on Firebird 1.56 and recently encountered database corruption
> problem with a customer. Found that forced write was turned off on the
> database and after the database was restored turned it on. However on
> checking the next day forced write was again turned off. We do daily sweep,
> reindex and backup on the database as maintenance at the the eod. Will any
> of this cause forced write to be turned off.

None of those operations, on their own, will change the forced write
flag setting.
The setting can be changed thru gfix command or API call.

P.S. A restore would not change the setting on its own -- it would
restore using the setting that was present from the backup.

Could it be that for Fb/1.5 any user can change this setting?
If so, an impatient user might be tempted to increase performance...

Aage J.