Subject Strange deadlocks
Author Roland Turcan
Hello all!

I am very confused for few days. I have problems with strange
application hangs which happens when some application tries to read
some rows and second one tries to insert into another table.

I thought that the applications were not using the same transaction
isolation level I change them all to:
TransactionBehavior = (FbTransactionBehavior.NoWait |
FbTransactionBehavior.ReadCommitted |
FbTransactionBehavior.Write |

It means when any deadlock happens server should raise an exception,
but sometimes it hangs and sometimes it raises an exception 335544345
(lock conflict).

AFAIK, selecting or inserting should not lock any record and therefore
I don't understand why it hangs.

BTW: Customer having these symptoms is the only one using Windows 8
64bit as Firebird server. Does anybody have any idea if it is not
because of OS?

Best regards, TRoland