Subject Freepascal 32 bit service on debian amd64 / 64 bit firebird?
Author John vd Waeter
Hi All,

I recently changed a server to debian wheezy 64 bit.
Installed 64 bit Firebird on, works great.

But there is a 32 bit freepascal service running on this system.
The service itself runs ok, but when it needs to access the FB database
it complains about missing client libs or

Of course the 64 bit client libs are there but not usable.

So I tried:
- get a 32 bit from another 32 bit machine.
- put it in /lib/i386-linux-gnu
- made a reference in /etc/
- run ldconfig

But the ibconnection in freepascal still cannot find it.
Maybe this is a freepascal question... I don't know.
Is it enough to get from a 32 bit machine or is does it
depend on more 32 bit libraries?

Thanks in advance!