Subject Error code 902 (Firebird)
Author Behzad
Dear Sir/Madam

Our company is a satellite service provider and it uses Satpath products to implant satellite links.

In satpath products we have to use some applications which control connections between terminals. In the main server which is a Redhat Linux we have three different applications. They are NMS,NCS and firebird and in firebird there are three database for any of them.

Most of the times this databases work properly and sometimes applications get Error code 902 and cannot connect to database. It usually happens on NMS database which is larger than other two databases(600 MB). The only solution that I have found is to restore some backups and then it works for a while and then it happens again. You know, we are a service provider and when it happens we lose all our links and it causes too many difficulties for us.

It is better to add that when NMS database does not work , other two databases work correctly and I can create some queries. In addition , we are using firebird 2.0.7 at now.

I want to know how to overcome this problem. I am looking forward hearing from you.