Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT - mysql a joke?
Author Lester Caine
Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Evening Lester,
> On 08/07/13 08:19,lester@... wrote:
>> >I know people complain about Firebird's 'strange' centralised user database, and there are times when a user list per database may seem better, but most of the time the applications ARE better supported by user tables in the target database, and access to the database simply controlled by centralised rolls. Certainly I would not want to manage the hundreds of users on my systems as individual database users. I can then simply backup the target database as a cron job ...
> Well, speaking as an Oracle DBA, I have to deal with databases where
> each user has an individual account. Unlike Firebird, each user will
> have a separate account on each database they are allowed access to.
> However, as you note, some applications do the user admin stuff
> "manually" within the application itself, so I only need to set up and
> maintain the data owner account.Which makes my like easier - but has
> serious drawbacks when attempting to audit stuff as everything takes
> place as the data owner, and not as individuals - so you can't tell who
> broke things, or attempted actions beyond their security level. Although
> a lot of applications do their own auditing, that only works within the
> application and not within the database. Did someone mention security?;-)

As long as the database schema is only editable by a 'superuser' I don't see a
problem. All my dynamic websites produce an activity log, and version each page
update so we can roll back any mischief. We just have a few 'roles' for users
which define their access rights.

>> >Is there a similar backup process available for MySQL?
> If and when I backup a mySql database, I use PhpMyadmin to do it. I
> don't know about doing a backup via cron.
> Does this help?

I prefer
Particularly point 10 :)
In some 20 years I've never lost an Interbase or Firebird database but I've been
involved in rebuilding MySQL ones from raw data and other content ... a couple
of times into a Firebird replacement :)

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