Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT - mysql a joke?
Author Lester Caine
Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Evening Lester,
> On 01/07/13 10:04, Lester Caine wrote:> Help
> >
> > Wrong forum to be asking I know but at least Firebird users are aware how
> > firebird works:)
> >
> I'm just back from 2 weeks holiday, so I missed this at the time. I see
> you don't have any replies (via the list yet) so maybe, just maybe, the
> following will help. maybe?
> - mysql internals on the mysql
> web site.
> - Understanding mysql
> internals on the O'Reilly web site. Also available in a (free) ebook
> format at

I did manage to 'hack it' and actually got all the databases working again, but
I definitely prefer the firebird methods. Being able to isolate each database in
a single file is much more sensible. I will have a read though if I get 5
minutes. I got the impression that a number of files are involved in each mysql
database, with key elements common to the engine rather than the 'data'? And
user login is an utter pain :(

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