Subject Basic FB 2.5 query
Author andy_pyrenean
Hi, I've been working with FB 1.5 for years just with a basic setup and a delphi app on a local network. It always logs in as SYSDBA as its just a large read only database so no individual logins are required.

I want to develop a new version now and the plan is put FB 2.5 on a hosted fast server. I'm going to write a new version of the app in Delphi XE4 with FireDAC connecting to the FB server.

Now is there anything specific i need to do with the firebird.conf file to maximize speed? Also would i need to set the Aux Remote port and then open both 3050 and that port on the firewall? its a large database of 80m records, maybe 20 fields no blobs, probably 9gb total. Most searches are likely to be 200 records or so (read only no editing). max would be say 20,000 records. max users around 1000.

Two other quick things, if i want to still give the odd client a local copy of the database, is there a way i can create a database that cannot be accessed by the SYSDBA/masterkey combination?

Lastly, multi-processor support would be ideal, any real news on FB3.0?

Many thanks in advance